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1. ​New Services and Practitioners

  • Starting this week, Connie Monahan will begin offering Intuitive Reiki and Energy Balancing on Wednesdays from 9am-7pm.

  • Mid April, Dr. Taylor will begin offering custom orthotics. To book your fitting, schedule an Initial Chiropractic Assessment with Dr. Taylor.

2. Studio Events

  • April 20th, Connie Monahan will be hosting Energy 101 from 12-2pm.

  • April 24th, Dr. Steven Jett will be back with another Launch Forward Mental Health Workshop from 9am-12pm.

3. Gym Membership Add On

We are offering our gym members the option to add UNLIMITED INFRARED SAUNA SESSION to their current membership price. This will allow you to book sauna sessions throughout the month for the price of one (or less!) session.

  • Unlimited 20 Minute Sessions will be $15/month

  • Unlimited 40 Minute Sessions will be $20/month

See the front desk or complete this online form to add unlimited infrared sauna to your current membership.

Feel Healthy, Feel Safe, Feel Strong

Frontline Forward

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