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Connie has spent the last 18 years dedicated to working with others in finding balance in body, mind and spirit.

This journey of self-discovery and healing began for Connie following a diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. After being told she would be confined to a wheelchair and unable to use a pen to write her name, she made the decision to seek her own healing.

Connie is the spouse of a firefighter, and has a family history that includes mental illness and substance abuse. She has a comprehensive understanding and compassion for those who are similarly affected.

Through a non-judgmental approach Connie works with clients with various challenges, helping them to identify the root cause of their energy blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs. This allows for a release and re-balance of what is blocking their ability to heal, succeed, and live their best life. When we can release those energetic blocks, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and old stories, it reboots the body’s natural healing abilities and frees energies to create space for the life we want.

Wherever your life experiences have brought you to today, Connie looks forward to exploring and navigating your path to healing with you!


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