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Bulletproof Your Workout to Avoid Back Pain

Many first responders are exposed to the high contrast between sedentary and activity in their jobs. Part of the shift might be sitting in an ambulance, on stand by in a patrol car, blocking a scene, while others are highly dynamic powerful activities of lifting patients, running/jumping over obstacles, or smashing down doors. Being primed and physically ready for any of these tasks requires a level of physical fitness that won’t leave you sore, or even worse, injured. Often ill prepared physicality matched with high activity demands leave the most used areas susceptible for injury, including the low back.

Low back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide right now and continues to increase the financial burden to many over lost time at work and treatment. It can have many causes including muscular, ligamentous, joints or even overuse. But what if you could prevent or better yet, set yourself up to avoid low back pain - would you do it?

Exercise has been a proven way to prevent and treat low back pain by improving mobility and strength required in the demands of physical jobs, like first responders. Tailoring your workout to include low back exercises has been effective in reducing injury severity, duration injury, and pain overall. Try adding these simple movements to bulletproof your next workout:

1 Single or double leg glute bridges (10 repetitions per leg)

2 Side plank (30 seconds per side)

3 Deadlift (10 repetitions)

4 Squat - body weight, or weighted (15 repetitions)

Have questions on how to implement these into your fitness routine, or currently working through an injury - chat with a practitioner at Frontline Forward today!

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