About Frontline Forward

 Established in May 2019, Frontline Forward has become one of the cornerstones in health, wellness and education in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our 8,200 square foot facility is a complete health and wellness centre made for everybody and built by a First Responder. 


Our team of professional practitioners are committed to supporting and educating individuals working within high-stress environments. Additionally, we focus on Frontline professionals, helping to prevent and manage symptoms from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Occupational Stress Injury (OSI). Our multi-disciplinary approach holistically balances the mind, body and soul, making a positive change in the lives of our members.


Our innovative approach holistically balances the whole self and provides resilience and a positive change in the lives of our members. 

Feel Healthy, Feel Safe, Feel Strong!


Our community of health professionals combine decades of unique experiences to provide clientele with customized plans to improve the quality of their lives.

Professional Services

Our professional practitioners offer a wide variety of services to individuals working within high-stress environments as well as members of the community. 


Do you need a massage, physiotherapy appointment or a chiropractic adjustment? Our on-site health care practitioners can do that!


We know that finding the right facility and programs for you can be a stressful process. We’re here to assist you and help choose the best option for your individual requirements. 


Our memberships include daily, monthly and annual gym memberships.

In The


At Frontline Forward, our 1,100-square-foot, open-concept studio space is a community hub. From yoga classes to unique mindful experiences, the Studio is designed for a variety of individual and group activities.


Check out our studio schedule for more information!


Forward Podcast

The Frontline Forward Podcast is back with a new approch!

Host by Frontline Forward founder, Byran Stevens, the podcast explores commentary from the Frontline Forward family, community members, healthcare workers and first responders. 


Frontline Forward Podcast

Listen or download the latest episode!

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