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I joined Frontline Forward back in 2020 before I became a police officer and found support and encouragement in like-minded people who make commitments to wellness. As a new police officer, I understand how intimidating the fitness testing can be and understand this is a struggle for a lot of people interested in pursuing a career in policing. My goal is to help you push past your mental and physical barriers when it comes to the PIN testing and shuttle run and show you that you are capable of anything with a little effort and investment into yourself. Whether you prefer a group setting or one on one assistance I am here to help you out! 

Group Pricing:
Members $125.00 for 5 sessions 
Non-members $175.00 for 5 sessions 

Individual Pricing: 
$45 per session 
Or $200 for 5 sessions 

Virtual Pricing:
$200 for a 6 week program with weekly check-ins by email, Zoom, or 

All sessions include a FREE baseline test to see where everyone is at with their testing components. *Does not include 1.5-mile run.

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