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My story is a little different from most, after working as a First Responder for over a decade I found myself getting stressed, having witnessed the endless trauma, destruction, loss and the worst part of humanity.  After sustaining a back injury while working as a First Responder, I became unfit which increased my stress more I felt frustrated that my body and mind were failing me.  As a former athlete, nothing was scarier than suffering an injury.  This set back had led me to dive deep into the world of health and since then I have discovered yoga. Yoga strengthened my body and made me more mobile.   Through the breath and functional movement, my body slowly regained the physical strength and my mind benefited from the true essence of yoga’s neurological effects.  In 2013, this discovery had lead me to a Yoga Teacher training through Pranalife Yoga and later Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training through Healing Heroes.  This is near and dear to my heart.  As a first responder, I understand the magnitude that trauma can generate by the events, our experiences, and the toll it takes on families, community and ourselves.  With the tools of breath and asana I learned the cycle of trauma that already existed in my physical body and acquired new knowledge to assist me in dealing with traumatic events.  These tools I have integrated in my classes to not only benefit First Responders but everyone.

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