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Aga is a Waterloo-based yoga instructor who believes that yoga is much more than being able to do advanced postures.

After developing a regular practice she became passionate about how yoga has the ability to heal. The more she developed a disciplined practice, the more she appreciated her own personal struggle. The more she worked on her practice, the more her practice appeared off the mat and in her everyday life.

In 2013 she enrolled in the 200 Hour Yoga Training through Pranalife Yoga and realized how amazing it is to share her passion, to inspire others to move and to live a healthier, more grounded life. In May 2017, she completed her certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training through Healing Heroes, an organization “near and dear” to her heart.

Aga states: “As a first responder, I understand the magnitude that trauma can generate by the events, our experiences, and the toll it takes on families, community and ourselves. With the tools of breath, asana and meditation I learned the cycle of trauma that already existed in my physical body and acquired new knowledge to assist me in dealing with traumatic events. These tools I have integrated into my classes to not only benefit First Responders but everyone.”


Marg has practiced yoga since 1975, and certified as instructor in 2010. In 2014, she completed a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care, and continues to work and research in this area.

Since 2013, she has taught at Queen Street Yoga in Kitchener, where she offers Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, early morning Sunrise Practice, and Introduction to Yoga. She has also spent years as a singer, voice teacher, choir director, and elementary classroom teacher. Marg has a deep sense of yoga’s potential to unite body, mind and spirit for healing and wholeness.



Hi, I’m Carla


My yoga journey began 10 years ago. I started practicing yoga as a way to help me through some health challenges. Inspired by my yoga teachers to take my practice further and gain more knowledge, I completed my 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2014.  A few years later, I then graduated from a 40 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Training Course.


With a busy life as an Advanced Care Paramedic and a mother to 3 boys, yoga is an essential part of my daily routine and the key to nurturing my body, mind and soul. I believe practicing yoga allows for a greater sense of body awareness. Yoga reduces stress, decreases muscle tension, sharpens concentration and calms and centres the nervous system.


My true teaching style is gentle and thoughtful. My classes embrace the interconnectedness of the body, mind and breath. My foremost goal is to share a yoga practice in a way that is accessible to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.


See you on the mat!

My name is Liza and I’ve been passionate about Buti Yoga for almost two years. So much so, that almost a year ago I decided to get certified to teach it to other amazing women.
I am inspired by so many of my students, and love hearing about their life and experiences throughout this practice. I hope to see many of you coming to class and trying it! You will not be disappointed. Buti Yoga makes you feel sexy, empowered and so blissfully wonderful I couldn’t imagine not doing it!
I live in a small town with my incredibly supportive husband and our three beautiful kids. My middle daughter Stella comes along to some of my classes and loves participating. It feels so good to show her that putting yourself first isn’t selfish but necessary. It’s so special to have something to share between us.
My goal in life now is to empower as many women with this practice and help them discover their inner goddess and make them feel beautiful and stronger than ever. 


Meet me on your mat and I promise you will never want to stop. Much love to you all. I look forward to meeting you! 



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