With 25 years’ experience in the holistic health field, Julie Bolduc is passionate about helping her clients “globally” work through difficult health challenges, as well as teaching them to access their inner power and innate healing abilities. Julie specializes in brain optimization and whole body healing for those clients with PTSD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum disorders, concussions, anxiety issues, digestive disorders and hormonal issues.


From her own personal experience in suffering from multiple concussions and PTSD, Julie is very familiar with brain trauma in addition to extensive “hands on” knowledge in her immediate circle of family and friends dealing with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing disorder, anxiety and depression. Hence the reason she started her holistic healthcare journey - to learn as much as should could to help them and others using alternative therapies to complement their existing medical treatments.



Julie is an instructor, a Certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinic USA), a Brain Thrive by 25 Trainer (for teens and young adults) and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with advanced studies in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbology. She is also a Bodytalk System Instructor Trainee, Certified BodyTalk System Practitioner, a Certified Meditation Guide and Reiki Master.

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For 7 years (2004 - 2011) Julie, completely focused on building her experience and her practice on an international level, chose to take residence in Belgium, France, Hong Kong and Singapore.  This unique cultural experience still plays an important role in Julie’s life and practice today, maintaining client relationships from the connections made.


She has been a frequent online writer and guest speaker, and has also been interviewed for popular and prominent podcasts and magazines in Asia such as “What Therapy”, “Time Out Hong Kong”, “Gafencu Men’s Magazine”, “AsiaSpa” “Frontline Forward Radio” and recently for “The Good News Only.”

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