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Massage Education
I graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2013 and received an academic award in Pathologies and Treatment in the Human Body. 

Continuing Education
The focus of my post-graduate training has been working with the nervous system to shift the body from a stressed state into one of relaxation and healing. I have taken multiple courses using the Dolphin Neurostim device to deliver Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy for neck and back pain, scar tissue release and Concussion Recovery Therapy. 

Values and Approaches
I am very passionate about a holistic healing approach for the entire body from the inside out. I take pride in helping clients achieve their personal health and wellness goals. 

On a Personal Note
I am the sister of a firefighter so the mission and values of Frontline Forward are near and dear to my heart. Family is very important to me, especially time with my young nieces and nephew. Over the years I have completed many obstacle course races, half marathons and a full marathon.


Sarah stead RMT 

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