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Blake Scott, MPhty, BA (Kin, Hons). Registered Physiotherapist and Co-Founder of
Modern Physiotherapy & Training

Blake is a Registered Physiotherapist and Cofounder of Modern Physiotherapy and Training. Blake has over 5 years of experience working in sports medicine, team sports physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Blake graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy Degree from the University of Sydney. Blake’s graduating class ranked 1st in the 2017 QS World University rankings for sports-related subjects including Physical Rehab, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation.

While living in Australia Blake was the head Physiotherapist for the University of Sydney’s premier Australian Rules Football team. Blake has continued his work with sports teams in Canada as team Physiotherapist for the Kitchener Hallman Twins international fast pitch team.

Blake has a special interest in the treatment of ACL rehab and gym related injuries. For ACL rehab Blake will use a variety of skills including comprehensive video analysis, blood flow restriction training, crane scale strength testing, psychological readiness testing, and a battery of functional physical tests to determine return to sport readiness.

Blake has taken extensive post-graduate educational courses including Functional Dry Needling, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Eric Cressey’s Sturdy Shoulders, and Lynn Watson’s Shoulder course.

The use of gym equipment, strength training, video analysis, functional dry needling and blood flow restriction training differentiates Blake’s rehab approach from other health professionals.

If you are ready to experience a modern approach to physiotherapy book in for an appointment with Blake today!

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